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Eye Opener

My Autobiography

The inspiring journey of a visually challenged man and his path to roaring success

When life deals you an unkind cut, how you respond to it offers a window to the character you possess. It’s possible that a majority will accept the blow philosophically. Only a chosen few decide to look adversity in the face, and embark on a path that allows them to not just lead life on their own terms but also open up avenues for others afflicted by similar or other misfortunes.

Blindness at birth can be particularly debilitating because right from the off, you are deprived of self-dependency. You rely on others to help perform even the most basic of activities, which can result in diminished self-confidence and self-esteem. However, if you learn to not just take the disability in your stride but also use it as a motivation to scale the ladder of life, then sky is the limit. As Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar has amply illustrated.

Presented with the easier option of falling back on family support and coasting through life, Mahantesh opted for the more arduous path of making a name for himself and offering inspiration as well as financial independence to thousands of others. Fusing his love for cricket with an innate desire to look beyond himself, he has carved a niche both through his illustrious association with blind cricket, and the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.

Eye Opener charts Mahantesh’s fascinating, undulating journey from the outpost of Belagavi to the hustle and bustle of constant international travel, reiterating that blindness, or any disability, is no deterrent if you have will, passion, enterprise and industry.

                                           -  Eye Opener - Autobiography of Mahantesh GK



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